Dinner Theatre

Fort Calgary offers a variety of Dinner Theatre options to cater to a wide range of group sizes and budgets.

From single performer shows to larger multi-actor productions, we can provide a memorable and entertaining experience for any group. Please see below for our upcoming public shows. To book a private show please contact our Catering Department.

Public Shows

Birds, Bees and BLOOD

At the rehearsal dinner for Honey Bee and Jackdaw Bird, a hive of resentment and jealousy is about to boil over. Will Honey’s father, Bumble, keep paying to keep Honey sweet? Will Venus Flyterapp, the maid of honour, do away with what’s bugging her? Will Queenie Bee, Honey’s mother, get her daughter out of the nest? As we learn about the birds and the bees, someone is sure to get stung.

  • Friday, May 11th

Cooking Up A Murder

Chef Kory Ander is in a stew. She has two sous chefs, Vanilla Cream and Cinnamon Hart – and one of them seems to be out to get Kory into hot water. Chef Kory also has to deal with Chez Maison’s owner, Horst Doover, who worked his way up from owning a diner in Okotoks; and the snooty hostess, Rutabaga Puray, who uses her position for a little social climbing. Added to the mix is Chef Al Imentary, Kory’s rival and former cooking school fellow student. Everyone’s in quite a stir at Chez Maison’s Grand Opening, and the shiitake is going to hit the fan, because someone could be cooking up a murder.

  • Friday, June 15th

Foul Play

Em Forcer gets an extreme workout when she signs up to coach the neighbourhood sports team. It’s a motley crew. Cherry Flip is light on her feet, while Ima Clutz is tripping over hers. And rival, Dennis Anyone, proves he’s just a fool for love. Suddenly, everyone wants a match-up. And, with these fierce competitors, losing is not an option. Because the penalties are deadly.

Dark & Dreadful Druid Death

Samhain approaches, the Druid night set aside for the celebration of those who have passed before (known to most people as Halloween).  Druids from all levels of mastery have gathered for the occasion, bringing with them relics worth a fortune to add power and solemnity to this night of nights.  Unfortunately, where wealth and power gather, so do greed, scandal, and ruthless ambition.  Add to the mix a defrocked Druid priestess who dabbles in the black arts, and murder is inevitable.