Dinner Theatre

Fort Calgary offers a variety of Dinner Theatre options to cater to a wide range of group sizes and budgets.

From single performer shows to larger multi-actor productions, we can provide a memorable and entertaining experience for any group. Please see below for our upcoming public shows. To book a private show please contact our Catering Department.

Download our entertainment package.

Public Shows

Mafia Murders

It’s the roaring 20’s and that means you have to know the password to get into this exclusive party at the Speak Easy. The Godfather, his fashionista embarrassment of a brother, his bodyguard, and Fifi the lounge singer will all be there. Everyone has an agenda, and if you haven’t made your bones yet, you could be called upon… so be prepared!

    Blow the Man Down!

    Shiver me timbers! The crew on the Jolly Rogering is celebrating their latest big booty haul with a huge feast for their friends and families before they set off on another high seas adventure. Batten down the hatches though, as murder is on the menu! Behave yourselves or you may find yourself swimming with the fishes. Arrrr matey!

      Resort To Murder

      On this extra special Valentine’s Day, you’ve been given the gift of a weekend away at Awakenings Island and Spa for some healing and pampering. However, what was once a lucrative company is now offering VERY low budget packages to unsuspecting guests as a last ditch effort to keep the island afloat. We hope you brought your rubber boots to deal with the sewer back-ups and high tide! The island’s wacky, hilarious characters will be offering up goodies to keep you entertained and mystified; we guarantee a KILLER time!

        Murder if You Will

        As friends and family, you’ve been invited to the Livingston Manor for the reading of the late John Livingston’s will. A few weeks ago, John was found dead in his bathtub in an apparent accident. Some new evidence has come to light and this bloody investigation is going to prove that no stone shall be left unturned!

          A Hillbilly Wedding!

          You’re invited to the best pig-hollerin’, foot-stompin’ HILLBILLY WEDDING ever! You can cut the tension with a knife with the problems from rejected suitors, jealous cousins, money-hungry in-laws and overprotective parents! This wedding isn’t what it seems and the body count is risin’, the sun is settin’ and pig isn’t even on the spit yet!