Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre: Death By Chocolate

Event Date: Feb 14, 2019

Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre at Fort Calgary is an interactive evening featuring fabulous food and entertainment that will have you laughing all night long. You’ll interact with the actors and take your best guess at ‘who done it’, all while enjoying a locally sourced dinner buffet.

Shows are created and performed by Pegasus Performances.


6:00 pm – Doors Open. Grab a drink and enjoy some time in our amazing space.
6:30 pm – Find your seat as actors will begin to move through the tables to deliver clues and interact with guests.
7:00 pm – Dinner and the show begin.
9:00 pm – Solve the mystery and watch the conclusion over dessert.




Tillie Tonka’s chocolate factory turns out confections by the truckload. Cherry Cream, her secretary, has designs on the chocolates herself. Carob Chipps is one of Tillie’s competitors but is at best a weak and pale imitation. Rock Candie is the foreman of the Lumpy-Wumpies and wants better benefits for all of them. Al Mond is one of Tillie’s suppliers. He’s getting tired of getting paid peanuts for all his hard work. And Sugar Maple, Tillie’s daughter, just got married to Sir Uppy Maple and doesn’t want to be reminded of her plebe origins any more. It’s a bittersweet situation that will end up spreading Death by Chocolate

a Pegasus Performances Play by Leslie Carmichael ©