OUR plans

The MAKE HISTORY Campaign is an opportunity to reimagine, restore and celebrate the importance of this site to past generations and generations
to come.

II. Deane House Rehabilitation

Named after Captain Richard Burton Deane, Fort Calgary's last serving NWMP Superintendent, the Deane House is the only NWMP building remaining in Calgary. Captain Deane built the house in 1906 upon his wife’s refusal to live in barracks. It was originally built on the west side of the site near 6th St. S.E. In 1914, the Deane House was purchased by the Grand Trunk Railway and moved to a new location to serve as the office and Station Master’s house, sparing it from demolition – the fate of all the other Fort buildings. In 1929 it was moved once more, this time across the Elbow River where it exists today along 9th Avenue.

With the success of the MAKE HISTORY campaign thus far, Fort Calgary has put its exciting master plan into action. The Deane House and its gardens are currently undergoing extensive rehabilitation which will expand opportunities for telling the stories of Captain Deane, The NWMP, and the Grand Trunk Railway. This rehabilitation will be a unique mix of a historical restoration to the exterior and interior of the house matched with contemporary upgrades to the utilities in order for the house to serve as a restaurant. Deane House is now open! Please contact them at 403-264-0595 or www.deanehouse.com for reservations.