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Fort Calgary in Your Classroom

Bring history to life right in your classroom. We have created a series of resource kits for you and your students to explore genuine artifacts and interact with the stories of our history.

Each kit comes with instructions, project ideas and tools to handle artifacts properly. The resource kits are designed for elementary-aged children but are easily adaptable for older grades.


  • Each kit costs $175 for two weeks.

  • If you would like to book the kit for longer, it will cost $80 for each additional week.

  • Kits must be picked up and dropped off at Fort Calgary.

2019 Resource Kits

Buffalo Way of Life

The Blackfoot depended on the buffalo for food, clothing, shelter and tools. This kit will give your students the opportunity to handle genuine First Nations artifacts, and offers age-appropriate interactive classroom lesson plans that help students learn how First Nations people used the natural resources around them. You will also find engaging information about cultural traditions and celebrations.

Mounties on the Move

Learn about the early days of Calgary by exploring the lives of some of our city’s first citizens, the North-West Mounted Police. Rent this resource kit and you will have access to genuine Mountie artifacts, pictures, stories, and clothing, as well as a teacher’s guide full of fun activities and helpful resources!

Four Countries Celebrate:
India, Tunisia, Peru & Ukraine

Having trouble finding information and resources on the four countries? Rent our unique kit for hands-on learning about the culture, language, geography and traditions of four very diverse countries. Cultural artifacts, costumes, music and a teacher’s guide full of interactive, fun activities (and a resource section to photocopy) make teaching this unit a breeze.


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